Power and money

Alberto Chab Tarab, David Thomas Hollywood

We all endeavor to satisfy our needs and ambitions and endlessly strive to move up the economic ladder to achieve these aims. Although this is undoubtedly extremely satisfying and earns us social kudos, these ultimate goals are far from easy to attain and we are in a permanent and anxious struggle to reach them. Are we aware of all this?
What is money? What purpose does it serve? Could we live without money? Is money good or bad? Was it necessary to invent money? Is money the only way to accumulate power? What is the state of non-necessity? Can the subconscious do without sex but not the money that brings us power? Why do we work so hard to get it? Is there any connection between psychology and economics? And psychology and money? And psychology and power? Are there any other types of power than money? Is knowledge as powerful as money?

All of these questions and more are answered in Power and Money but only you can answer this one:
Why should I invest in this book?


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